Wedding dinner
Toast master Claes making the last preparations before the dinner.
People tried to find their place...
...and took their seat.
Hanna and Emil welcomed everyone to our celebrations...
...and so did Hanna's father.
Then it was time... start the actual dinner.
During the celebrations Stina...
...and Claes were toast masters.
The table of honour enjoying one of many touching speeches.
When Hanna left her place the ladies kissed the groom.
The men did not miss their opportunity either.
Hanna's aunt holding her speech.
Emil's father toasting for a great dinner.
The girls from the hen's night.
And the boys from the stag night...
...gave us a test...
...for us to prove how well we know each other.
Hanna's brothers singing their own song.
Thanks for a lovely celebration!
Yes, we are happy!