Honey moon in South East Asia, June 20 2007

Hi dear friends, from Emil and Hanna

We got married last Saturday the 16th of June at a beautiful ceremony and a fantastic party with many of our beloved family and friends. We are today heading of on our honey moon and we will try to give you some life sign along the way. We are flying to Vietnam, where we'll start our journey and we will then continue through Cambodia, Thailand, Malaysia and fly home from Singapore. As you know we are interested in taking pictures and we hope to share many of them with you through our web page http://www.sarnstrand.com when we get back. You can find pictures from other trips there even if I haven’t worked on that page with new pictures for some time.

Some of you have received mail from list before and many has recently been added. The recipients of this list are family and close friends but also friends who have crossed our paths on other trips in the world which is the reason why this will be in English. You are included in our mailing list which we'll be using during the trip to give life signs and tell our stories.

Please keep in touch with us during the trip on our normal email addresses or send text messages.

Take care the happy newly wedded couple, Hanna and Emil