Kuala Lumpur - capital of Malaysia as well as shopping
Panoramic view over Kuala Lumpur from the KL Telecom Tower.
Petrona Twin Towers among other sky scrapers.
KL Telecom Tower - previously one of the tallest buildings.
Petrona Twin Towers - world's tallest building for some time.
Petrona is a oil company and to enter you watch a lot of info about the towers and commercial, all very hi-tech here in 3D.
After queuing and a extremely fast elevator you are on world's highest sky bridge, but only for 5 minutes until next group.
Me with the city below.
View down.
This is the sky bridge where we was walking.
Petrona Twin Towers from a distance.
A modern city also needs its sky train.
Sky train level with gardens on the roof behind.
The traffic is also fairly dense in the city.
The shopping malls are also in a large quantity.
Just shop around.
Shopping is also possible and a lot cheaper in China town.
A mix of everything from Mc Donald's to temples.
Malaysia's national Mosque from KL Telecom Tower.
To enter Hanna had to dress up all in blue.