Pherentian island - our second paradise island
From Thailand we now took the night train to Malaysia. The climate was warm but our train had air-con and was freezing cold. I had to use all layers possible with t-shirt, shirt, fleece, two sheets, a towel and a sarong - I was still freezing.
After crossing the border and taking a cab for two hours to the coast we went for a refreshing trip on a speed boat.
We arrived to Pherentian island and found a place to stay in the bungalows with blue roofs on the hill side.
We had a nice view over the beach and sea.
You could take it easy under a tree and hope not to get a coconut in your head.
Hanna looking into the distance.
Emil watching the sea after a good dive.
The lucky newly wedded couple posing on their honey moon, which could be used as a christmas card for the year.
In the after noon the clouds darkened the sky with a mysterious light.
The clouds was as a thick carpet rolled out.
Here a picture taken from a cafe during and...
...after a heavy rain. The neighbouring island reappeared.
From our bungalow we could watch the show of nature in the evenings. Innumerous thunder and lightning.
The trees were lit up with the sole light from the lightning.