A paradise for honey mooners, Thailand July 9 2007

Dear family and friend!

After a long bus and boat journey we finally made it to Koh Tao. Many people are celebrating full moon parties here on these islands which we just missed but we are more than happy to celebrate our honey moon here instead. Emil took his diving certificate here at Koh Tao in year 2000 and is happy to be back at his first dive sites and this fantastic island. Emil has made some 10 dives while Hanna has enjoyed the beaches, snorkeling and her first real dive today. It wasn't as scary as Hanna expected, so she could enjoy the corals and fishes. The sea is pretty rough so Hanna is enjoying the boat rides to the dive sites while Emil is happy that his sea sickness pills are working fairly well. With an under-water-camera-bag for his pocket camera, Emil even made an effort to document the underwater world. The bag says it works down to 5 m, but Emil has proven it works fine down to some 30 m, with proof such as sharks and other sea life which can be found down there.

With a good timing Hanna got an infection in her arm from an insect, just when we almost have recovered from our cold and stomach problems. With the help of two Danish doctors who Emil dived with, we went to a pharmacy. They only ask you what pill and how many you need. There is no need for a prescription, you only need a small amount of money and you get your pills in happy colours.

We now have found our honey moon paradise after the hot and humid Vietnam and Cambodia. The climate is perfect, the beaches white and long, aligned with palm trees and some bars, the water is 30C, the diving is good, the food is great, everything is cheap, accommodation isn't posh but romantic with a bungalow on the beach, in the evening the music is turned on at the beach, and candles are lit and all together it's very romantic for the happy couple. This is really a place where we enjoy the company of each other. Except for diving we are busy doing just nothing. The major task of today was to write this email. Excuse us but we really think we need our well deserved rest now.

Lots of love Hanna and Emil