Angkor Wat
The amazing structure of Angkor Wat, built in only 30 years with some 300 000 people and 20 000 elephants.
To visit Angkor Wat you first cross a 190 m wide moat and reach the outer enclosure.
After entering through the first gate in the outer enclosure a path way leads up to Angkor Wat.
A bit closer the second day with a blue sky.
A picture of the newly wedded couple in front of Angkor Wat.
Our guide told us about the history.
The history cold also be read with the wall carvings.
The stairs up to the highest temple towers were steep.
Hanna text messaged her brothers.
Emil enjoyed the beautiful serenity.
From the top you could view the surrounding temple structures and the masses of tourists pouring into the site.
Angkor Wat was also surrounded with lush forest.