Sailing in the archipelago of Stockholm
A gloomy day Hanna and I were picked up in Dalarö by Hans and his crew
When we left the main land and entered into the archipelago of Stockholm the weather turn great through out the whole sailing trip of four night all in "nature" harbours
The crew consisted of the captain Hans...
and Hanna
I enjoyed the relaxing life on the boat
Did some steering while Hans was occupied with the sea map
I also tried our dingy while in harbour
Here Hanna and Henrik is doing some dishes after lunch
Hans relaxing in the dingy after the boat while being our in the open sea
Hans also tried riding the dingy in the waves of other boats
Sometimes we were surrounded by small islands with a few cute houses
Here we also was over taken by the local fisher man
After a day of sailing we came to anchor at some flat rocks
We enjoyed ourselves relaxing, playing cards...
...eating some really nice food...
...viewing the beautiful scenery...
...and each other.