En Svensk Klassiker - Swedish Classic Circuit

To complete the Swedish Classic Circuit a person needs to finnish a race in each of the four disciplines - skiing, running, swimming, cycling - within the space of twelve months.

This is the results for Emil:
Lidingöloppet (2005-09-24) 30 km running in 2h 56min
Vasaloppet (2006-02-26) 90 km of cross-country skiing in 8h 25 min 5s
Vätternrundan (2006-06-17) 303 km of cycling in 13h 18 min
Vansbrosimningen (2006-07-09) 3 km of swimming in 1h 3min 38s

The day before the final race in the Swedish Classic.

People slowly getting into the cold stream
One of many starts...
...to swim the 3 km.
Håkis and Emil after Vätternrundan with its 300 km
Håkis, Lasso and PH