Lake Victoria and some more astonishing parks - Lake Victoria, Tanzania, July 2005

To get to Lake Victoria we had to leave Kenya and enter into Tanzania. After some form filled out, the usual 50 USD and some time to get the paper work done we were ready to leave. We got clearance from the border officers but some misunderstanding and the usual trying to get money from the foreigners we had problem getting through the road police, so our driver opened the gate himself. Five minutes later we were stopped in a road block and one of our drivers not too smooth got us almost all arrested for the incident before. After a long journey we finally got to Lake Victoria just in time for sunset.

The next day we took a boat on Lake Victoria and saw a few fisher men fishing before visiting a fishing village. We had a great time walking around and all the children swarmed around us. We all had about ten of them trying to hold our hand and feel the hair on our arms. They just loved to have their picture taken and then be able to see themselves or their friends on the display on the digital cameras. They thought all the ones with film were broken.

We then passed though Sarengeti National Park probably the most well known park where most animal programs like discovery channel shoot their stuff. It was just as amazing as Masai Mara with tons of all kind of animals. One of the most interesting bits was the masses of wildebeest migrating among which quite a few zebras joined in. We also saw leopards, cheetahs, hippos and much more. We also saw two lions finishing off their lunch, after a successful kill. The next day we went into Ngorongoro crater with jeeps. The surrounding mountain walls keep out some of the animals like giraffes but otherwise we saw all kind of animals. They are very easy to spot here since it is all flat and sparse vegetation. We could here also see a few flamingos again at a soda lake.

We then moved on to Arusha were we relaxed for a day and a half. We went to a very good Masai Museum where they explained all about the Masai culture. The Masai culture and people are very much alive still today, keeping their old customs and believes - a few hundred thousand people split between Kenya and Tanzania. We also went to a Masai village where some people showed us around before they sang and danced their traditional dances jumping up and down (I will display a video on that later).

Take care and enjoy the summer for you on the northern hemisphere. Next time I will write more about the paradise where I have spent the last few days.

Cheers Emil