Kenya it is - Nairobi, Kenya, July 3 2005

After a very dull journey via Heathrow I finally made it to the capital of Kenya, Nairobi. The customs let of through after several forms, 50 USD and removing a sticker with two hearts on, on the picture page. Hanna does not only travel with me in my heart, she has also made it literally speaking by putting these stickers on everything from toothbrush to cameras.

The first day, I spent in Nairobi relaxing at the hotel, having a luke warm bath, taking a nap and strolling around the not too big city. Being one of the most dangerous cities in the world, I did my best being street wise avoiding getting robbed. The only crime committed was being persuaded buying a probably fake ebony statue which I now has to carry along. The price was not really a robbery since it was not my intention to by it. I add a picture of Alex and the kid - Alex being the sales man - with the view from my balcony in the background.

Today which is the second day down here and the first on the tour I joined. We are a pretty mixed group of some 20 people, being British, Irish, American and two other Swedes. I was expecting going straight off for safari, but we more or less just went to a giraffe centre.

This is all for now if I can get coverage out here. Cheers Emil