The beginning of a South American journey! -
Quito, June 4th 2002
Hi everyone!

You have been added to this list either on your own request, you have received travel reports from me earlier, I've met you on my travels or you´re just an old friend. It´s your choice to pick one of this categories and if you don´t fit any and don´t want to come along on a three months trip through South America just send me an email and I´ll remove you from the list. No hard feelings! The language will be English since most people do understand that, which is not the case with either Swedish or Spanish.

I just arrived in Quito the capital of Ecuador and have almost three months of travel in front of me. In brief I´ll stay in Ecuador to get my Spanish working and do some travelling. Then I might head for the Galapagos, Peru, Bolivia and Brazil. For the ones who miss me, I´ll be back in Sweden the 29th of August.

The flight was ok even if it took me a good 25 hours all together. I can´t understand why it´s so hard to get flights when you travel on a half empty plane. I don´t complain though, since I slept very well having three seats and heaps of blankets and pillows on my own. I arrived this morning to Quito and found a place to stay for the night at least. Quito is a smaller large town with nice people, lots of traffic and pollution. I´m hunting for a Spanish school since I only understand some and people have trouble understanding my spoken Spanish.

I´m looking forward to all emails with travel tips or just hellos. You can use my normal email address or the yahoo one. And once again if you prefer not receiving any further emails just say so.

Cheers Emil