The road of death
High up in the mountains north of La Paz we were dropped off in the snow and cold.
We grabbed a bike and off we went.
Most people had major problems with their bikes - quite a few flats.
The constant downhill was far following the mountain side closely...
...with sheer drops.
Snack brake with the locals and their pigs.
The locals took the opportunity to try the bikes.
The road were slippery with water falls, drops on side...
...and fairly windy as well.
The place where quite a few buses have went off and a girl riding a bike as well.
6 hours and 73 km later we could spot Coroico where we spent the night.
The next day we continued with jeep. Nice not to use the local bus which had the nasty habit of dropping off the cliffs.
Finally in Rurrenbaque
Independence day of Bolivia
The kids were sent up the pole to grab presents at the top.