My life story from now and back till the begining of time

Mid 2003 I started to work at Tactel. I now work as a consultant at Sony Ericsson as a project manager for Bluetooth and Local Connectivity concerning new mobile phone project.
2001 I specialised in Technology Management on top of my Computer Science program. In 2003 I graduated from Lund Institute of Technology/Lund University as M. Sc. Computer Science and Engineering with Technology Management.
The year of 2000 I spent in Australia. I did an exchange from my Swedish uni at RMIT, Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology. I also did a lot of traveling all over Australia.
1999 I had half a year of break from uni and did travel through the middle East, southern Asia and South-East Asia.
1997 I started a master program in Computer Science at LTH, Lund Institute of Technology.
In Sweden about half of the male population has to do the military service which included me. So I spent 15 months as a soldier in the Swedish army. It was a very long time, sometimes very boring but also a lot of fun. I reached the rank of second lieutenant and was a company chief which learned me a great deal of working with people. I kept up the last year of Japanese studies during the time in the military just to have some kind of normal social life.
Studied Japanese half-time for two years at Lund University, one year along with the military service. I also studied Business Economics for a year half-time.
After graduating from the Swedish high school I went to Japan to work at an International Frienship Center which was a society to introduce Japanese to the western cultures.
After my first year at the Swedish high school I spent the school year of 92/93 in Pennsylvania, USA as an exchange student. I studied as a senior for eight months at Ford City High school and graduated after a further three months at Mount Pleasant High School with straight A's and member of the National Honor Society. Both cities where small cities with some ten twenty thousand people. It was a great experience to get away from home and live in another country. The worst part was that I had to change host family when it didn't work out with the first one. This meant I had to get used to a new town, a different school and make new friends.
At the High School of Berga in Eslöv I studied a scientific program for three years. I graduated from Bergaskolan in 1995.
Born in a small pretty charming town called Höör, where I studied my first through ninth grade.